Wavelet Decompose (Again)

Yes, more fun things you can do with Wavelet Scales.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a bit (or just read through any of my previous postprocessing tutorials), then you should be familiar with Wavelet Decompose. I use them all the time for skin retouching as well as other things. I find that being able to think of your images in terms of detail scales opens up a new way of approaching problems (and some interesting solutions).

A short discussion on the GIMP Users G+ community led the member +Marty Keil to suggest a tutorial on using wavelets for other things (particularly sharpening). Since I tend to use wavelet scales often in my processing (including sharpening), I figured I would sit down and enumerate some ways to use them, like:

Krita Kickstarter

Krita Kickstarter

I know that I primarily write about photography here, but sometimes something comes along that’s too important to pass up talking about.

Krita just happens to be one of those things. Krita is a digital painting and sketching software by artists for artists. While I love GIMP and have seen some incredible work by talented artists using it for painting and sketching, sometimes it’s better to use a dedicated tool for the job. This is where Krita really shines.

The reason I’m writing about Krita today is that they are looking for community support to accelerate development through their Kickstarter campaign.

That is where you come in. It doesn’t take much to make a difference in great software, and every little bit helps. If you can skip a fancy coffee, pastry, or one drink while out this month, consider using the money you saved to help a great project instead!

There’s only 9 days left in their Kickstarter, and they are less than €800 to hitting their goal of €15,000!

Metamorphosis by Enrico Guarnieri

Of course, the team makes it hard to keep up with them. They seem to be rapidly implementing goals in their Kickstarter before they even get funding. For instance, their “super-stretch” goal was to get an OSX implementation of Krita running. Then this shows up in my feed this morning. A prototype already!

I am in constant awe at the talent and results from digital artists, and this is a great tool to help them produce amazing works. As a photographer I am deeply indebted to those who helped support GIMP development over they years, and if we all pull together maybe we can be the ones who future Krita users thank for helping them get access to a great program...

Skip a few fancy coffee drinks, possibly inspire a future artist? Count me in!

Krita Kickstarter

Netflix Top 50 Covers by Genre (Averaged & Normalized)

In my (apparently) never-ending quest to average all the things, I happened to be surfing around Netflix the other evening looking for something to watch. Then a little light bulb went off!

I had previously blended many different variations of movie posters with varying success, but figured it might be interesting to see mean blends based on Netflix genres (and suggestions for me to watch). So, here are my results across a few different genres:

I found a couple of surprising and interesting things in these results...

Linux Pro Magazine GIMP Handbook Special Edition

I received a few Promo copies of the Linux Pro Magazine GIMP Handbook Special Edition in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I’ve just been too busy to sit down and have a look at it in depth.

I did give it a few flip-throughs when I had a moment, though.

Meet Sarah

Pat David Meet Sarah Headshot Photek Portrait softlighter

Sarah has been shooting with my friend Brian for a while now. He and I recently tried to organize to shoot together, but unfortunately he was called away at the last moment. Which was a bummer, because I had also just purchased a 60” Photek Softlighter II, and was super-eager to put it through its paces...

Luckily Sarah was still good to do the shoot! (There were some initial hiccups, but we were able to sort them out and finally get started).

There were two aspects to obtaining these results I thought it might be nice to talk about briefly here, the lighting and the post work...

DIY Ringflash

The world probably needs another DIY ringflash tutorial like they need a hole in the head. There’s already quite a few different tutorials around explaining how to create one…

So here’s mine! :)

At LGM this year I hacked together a quick ringflash using parts I picked up in a €1 store while walking through the city with Rolf (he helped me pick out and find parts - Thank You Rolf!). I built one while I was there because it was way less hassle than trying to bring mine from home all the way to Leipzig, Germany (they don’t really collapse into any sort of smaller size, so they’re cumbersome to transport).

G'MIC Montage

So I was talking with G'MIC creator David Tschumperlé the other day and thought it might be handy to have a way to create a montage of images (similar to the montage command in Imagemagick), but to have more control over the montage layout with automatic image fitting.

Pat David G'MIC montage aligned images fit

In the past, if I wanted to montage a series of images of different sizes, I would do it manually in GIMP. What I was proposing to David was to programatically deal with fitting images given some manual input from the user.

I know that he usually works quite fast, but he blew me away with how quick he got into the idea this time. From describing it one afternoon, it was about a day to get something working. (Add another half a day after I gave him a hard time about making the edges fit regardless of padding... Sorry David!)